Joeys aol page
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This page is created for ^Joey Scarpa^
& his Sweet Mom Linda.
Linda misses her dear son ^Joey^
so very much, As all parents who have lost a child/children...
I was visiting with ^Joey^ on the many beautiful pages that were made for
him by so many Wonderful and Truely caring  people who Linda, ^Joeys^ Mom, met and became friends
with on the internet,
And I thought (although you can surely go from one page to another in ^Joeys^ pages)it might be nice to have all ^Joey's^ pages on one page,
like an index page.
Well I hope you like this
If I missed any of ^Joey's^ pages
please email me <click here)
and I will load it (them) here for you.
Joey Scarpa
I would like to Thank Each and everyone of YOU for creating these pages (above)
for my beloved son Joey.
I miss him so much and having these memorial pages help me to keep Joeys memory fresh.
From the bottom of my heart
Joeys Mom & Dad
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Again For This Page Also
Thank You Bunny for this page for my Dear Son ^Joey^
On March 20th 1995 my life as it once was ended...
At the tender age of 23 my son Joey was shot in the
back of the head twice,
The exact time we had plans to meet and go to dinner together...
I still remember when he smiled,He sat down to have breakfast,
with his silly laugh...Taking a shower,getting dressed and saying to me "Ma,does this look good?" I said "Yes,my love,my son,You look so handsome", "Oh Ma,I want to take you out to eat,Be ready at 5 OK? Love You Ma"...And then the last kiss good-bye I would EVER get from my Darling Son Joey...Joey was killed at 5pm that day.
I feel like I died to that day.
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Sindy's Creations (above link)...
A Wonderful Place to visit...Thank You Sindy.
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Thank You
My Dear Friend Patti sent this to me and I asked for it to be put on my son ^Joey's^ page...
Thank You Patti, This is beautiful
Thank You Cathy for putting it here.
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Murder of a Child No
Punishment GREAT Enough
Happy Birthday Joey
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